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Relient K

Funny what you see when you're flipping through the channels in the morning...

I didn't believe it until I saw it, but based on an article I saw on another blog page saying that Relient K was on MTV, I couldn't believe it. This morning, sure enough, I saw their video on MTV. I'm not sure if I should be proud that that the band has made it big after years of being underground, or upset that MTV corrupted another good band buy making them believe they made it big because they got their video played on said network. God, this really makes me hate MTV even more. I mean it's not the first time. Incubus use to be really good, until they turned into a...a...ah..I don't know what the hell they are now but one thing is for sure, its' crap

Not only did they play the video, but it's on a countdown in the morning(which is usually when they play videos now) and how can anyone really see the band, if the video is being played during the crack of dawn. Or does anyone really want to watch videos on this network anyway. I mean with all the crappy drama reality TV shows, there is no choice to but to play videos late at night or early in the morning.

It goes to show how MTV has desecrated every thing holy. I feel cynical because a good band is playing on MTV and just because they play on MTV, does it mean that they sold out? Well thanks to bands that have sold their creative soul just to have a video played on MTV(Incubus)this is how the perception is. Thanks MTV, thanks-a-whole-fucking lot...

I really, really hate this network...

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I was totally shocked when I saw Relient K on MTV. Sometimes I feel good about it because we need good bands being exposed somehow, but at the same time I feel disappointed. I go by that shitty network every now and then to see if they have changed their evil ways but that would never happen. It's true, for some reason after bands play there if their video is not being played anymore people assume it was a bad band when in reality it was the best thing around underground you know. It seems like the majority of people go by the trends of MTV and good music is not an option anymore. For what I've encountered if I don't like what is being played on MTV (which I HATE!!!) I'm a freak or something. I don't even know why they're still called MTV, is not even Music Television anymore. WTF!!!! I love what you wrote 'cause I feel the same way.
Thanx Yeah, I know what you mean about that "being refered to as a freak because you don't like the crap on MTV" or in my case, "Not like what is being played on MTV now" or whatever. When I was growing up, I'll admit, I watched MTV and there were a lot of bands that had a huge influenced on me, but know, there really isn't anything that graps me now like it did then. Hell, VH1 plays more videos than MTV does. MTV should change the name anyway. I think to STV, "Suck Television" or "Shitty Televison" because that's all that's on the network now.