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Wow...I finally found a community of people who hate MTV as much as I do. *huzzuh*

This channel really does frustrate me. I like VH1 alot better. For one, they play better music, and two they don't bleep out stuff that has no reason to be bleeped out.

My dear friend Alexa informed me that the other day she was flipping channels and came across the video for Weezer's "We're All On Drugs" on MTV. She told me that they bleeped out drugs and had Rivers singing "We're all on love" instead. How freaking stupid is that...Especially when the next video/song right after that was talking about sex, sex, and more sex and had women shaking their half naked arses all over the screen. I swear MTV=total shite.

Death to MTV!


*I'm also pleased to meet everybody here. :)
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