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I'm sure you've heard this before....

I could sit here all day and point out every little stupid band on MTV and give you a reason why I don't like them or why you shouldn't. Not gonna do that because it's far to easy, and since half the stuff I listen to gets played on MTV, I don't want to come off as hypocrite either.

My main, main problem is the fucking reality TV shows that are programmed on the network. The dating shows, the "Real world" and it's spin-offs, and the extreme makeover's involving plastic surgery. Ow joy. Nothing says fun like getting hack-up to look like my favorite celebrity and give me thousands of dollars of debt to go along with it. Plus, "I'm tired of looking like "me", I want to be someone else so I can get that boyfriend or dream-job" or whatever the hell they want that involves modeling and such. Funny how this shit always involves modeling. One episode, some chick wanted to get a boob job so she could be a dancer at a strip club. Enough said....

The part that pisses me off is the fact that MTV goes along with this shit. Because getting butchered on camera has become "standard must see TV" so they're just hauling the sheep in for the slaughter and there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it cause it's there choice(choice based on vanity that is). I hate this crap. I hate the fact that this very channel promotes making your own choices and doing things your way, letting your voice be heard because you are an individual, but at the same time, lets people our age(and who are disgustingly attractive mind you)go under the knife because they feel like if they got that boob, nose job; calf, cheek, lips, or ass implant; and/or liposuction, that they would be perfect. That my friends is the bullshit.

I'm not a big fan of plastic surgery and I know that not everyone gets it for this specific reason. If someone has a defect or something that is actually wrong with them then they should get it fixed, but on that same coin, you can't just get you're tits and cheeks filled because Beyonce did hers last week. I wish someone could put an end to this shit because the idiocy is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

Ok, I'm done with the puns.


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